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Phillip Zmood studied Industrial Design at RMIT, and began his career with General Motors Corporation in 1965 as a designer. Soon after he became the General Manager of the Mid/Luxury Car Division of Holden/GM International Operations (USA) leading and contributing to future design programs.

As Assistant Chief Designer for GMH Australia from 1967–1969, Phillip was a key contributor to the contemporary HQ Series of vehicles. From 1969–1981 he was Chief Designer in both Australia and Germany, and was responsible for the UC/LX, Australia’s first hatchback, along with several other models, including the Anscona 500 rally model for Europe. Phillip was Executive in Charge of Design from 1986–1995, during which period Holden Design Australia became one of the most cost effective automotive design units in the world.

In the course of our conversation Phillip references the HD Holden, HK series, Torana, Joe Schyman, Leo Bruno, Detroit, Rear Wheel Drive Buick, Opal Germany, Commodore, Gary Millards. Chinese Show Car, GM Team Coordinator, Shanghai, Chinese Communist Party’s 58th Anniversary.

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