Dario Zoureff
Dario Zoureff


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Dario Zoureff is a pre-eminent interior and furniture designer, with a memorable catalogue of residential and commercial furniture designed over several decades. He was born in Vienna in the 1930s and came to Australia at the age of nine. He studied interior design at the Royal Melbourne Technical College in the 1950s, and began a sixty-year practice thereafter.

In the course of this conversation Dario references Vienna, Guy, Arthur & Percival Boyd, RMIT, Stephen Crafti, Harold Straughan, Bates Smart McCutcheon, Joan Stewart (nee Grimage) School of Decoration, Jack Crowe, Ted Worsley, Clem Meadmore, Stuart Furniture, Bill & Kiera Le Lievre, Joel’s Auctions, Grant & Mary Featherston, Gordon Mather, Fred Ward, Ron Opie, John Duncan, the Society of Designers for Industry (SDI), Industrial Design Institute of Australia (IDIA), Society of Interior Designers Australia (SIDA), Ron Rosenfeldt, Interior Designers Association of Australia (IDIAA), MAP, Chris Cornell, Raoul Hogg, the McGorren Family, Morwell Hotel, Traralgon Hotel, Rathdowne Hotel, Downtowner, Altona Hotel, Alma Road Synagogue, Ripponlea Synagogue, Conflict Management Centre, Rob Pataki and Michelle Hyams.

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