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David Terry


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David Terry trained in Industrial Design at RMIT, and then under architect Don Ward at Myer, where he made major contributions to the development of Myer Chadstone and then to Farmers in Sydney. David was engaged by the Industrial Design Council of Australia for several years and eventually became a State Director.

In this conversation David references Derek Wrigley, Fred Ward, Sir Essington Lewis, Melbourne Grammar, John Brack, Barry Humphries, Bert Bertles, Alan Warren, Don Ward, Jeff Newman, Colin Barrie, Brigadier Richard Durrants, Ross Honin, Churchill Fellowships, Kenji Ekuan, Yoshio Nitimoto, Dunhill Awards, Richard Latham, Michael Robbins, HRH Prince Phillip, Buckingham Palace, Trevor Wilson, Jackson Wayne Advertising, Ian McPhee, Good Design Awards, Claude Forrell, Premier’s Design Awards, Trevor Ling, Jony Ive, Arthur Robinson, Dieter Rams and Braun.

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