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Don Goodwin


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Don Goodwin played a significant design role as an Associate Director of the Conran Design Group in London in the sixties, and then in Australia with Carl Nielsen, and later as Principal of Goodwin Design. Additionally, he became National President of the Design Institute of Australia and was recognised with a Life Fellowship.

During our conversation Don refers to AWA, Jackson Wayne Advertising, Laurie Brown, John Stephenson, Rodney Fitch, Sir Terence Conran, Mothercare, Ryman Office Group, Burton Group, Stafford Cliff, Ron Baker, Colin Fulcher, The Who, Festival of Britain, Octopus Books, Carl & Judy Nielsen, East End Windows of Sydney Opera House, David Wood, John Bannenberg, Adam Laws, Ron Rosenfeldt, David Davenport, Ted Healy, Harry Spinks, David Forbes, Michael Bryce, ISCID Conference Dublin, John Spatchcock, John Holt, John Redmond, Peter Lisseman, Kenji Ekuan, and Marco Zanusso.

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