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One of the most influential figures in Australian design, Kathy Demos has been responsible for steering the course of design in Australia, and internationally, by her skilled direction of major programmes, events and consultancies for the past few decades.

She successfully directed programs such as the Victorian Design Awards, Colourways and Designer Saturdays, and was the director of the National Design Centre in Federation Square. Kathy was Creative Director of the State of Design Festival for the Victorian Government, following which she was the Creative Director of the Melbourne Design Festival and the founder and director of the Melbourne Design Market in the Federation Square Car Park. Additionally, she has been closely involved in Artists in Industry and The John Truscott Foundation. Kathy continues to consult with major Australian and European manufacturers in the evolution and production of new architectural products.

In this episode Kathy talks about John Demos, John Duncan, Ron Opie, George Russell, Miettas, Barry Jones, Evan Walker, Jon Faine, Bruce Filley, Artists + Industry, Chris Connell, Christine Slawinski, John Parker, ISM Objects, Henry Gillespie, John Truscott, Spoletto, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Rob Adams, Victorian Design Awards, Lorraine Elliot, Colourways, Designer Saturday, National Design Centre, Stanley Leakos, and Peter Seamer.

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