David Lancashire
David Lancashire


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A major artist and graphic designer, David Lancashire is still working in his practice, which spans signage/way-finding, graphic design, illustration, landscape design and mentoring. Lancashire’s career began in the UK where he received an exceptional grounding in illustration and commercial art before launching his almost sixty-year career in Australia.

In this conversation David mentions John Henshaw, Bauhaus School, Hanna Barbera, Industrial Art Services, Arnold Radcliff, L.S. Loury, Yogi Bear, Marks & Spencer, Arne Associates, Di Lancashire, Sue Ford, Joy Hirst, Jane Connery, Practical Puffins, Di Gribble, Di Bryant, David Wilken, Olgivie Mather, Les Mason, Liverpool Polytech, David Mattingly, Safeway, Jeff Forsyth, Jeff Boroughs, Man From Snowy River, Barry Humphries, John Dixon, Les Patterson Rides Again, Max Robinson, Sydney Nolan, Joy Hester, JAG, Rob Palmer, Adele Palmer, Cogee, Sportsgirl, Dowd, Mike Stokes, Patti Stitt, Slow Design, Bill Neijie, Glen Murcott, Phil Harris, Troppo, Peter Stutchbury, Virginia Trioli, Peace Roo, Kathy Freeman, AGDA/DIA, Richard Henderson, John Harrison, Taylor Cullity Lethlean and Shop for Shop.

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